Woodlawn Presbyterian Church (USA)


                               3026 Woodlawn Road Jacksonville, Florida 32209 (904) 768 -5905   


                             STAFF AND BOARD LEADERS

Rev. J. W. Rigsby, D. Min., Pastor O.768-1777 H. 693-9587
Mrs. Ann Hart Clerk of Session (765-0693)
Mrs. Varish Flowers-Patten Administrative Assistant (768-5905)
Mr. Grady Houston Treasurer (766-4638)
Mr. MacArthur Hardy Assistant Treasurer (363-2131)
Mr. Charlie Tomer Music Director  
Ms. Regina Ford Organist (765-1237)
Mrs. Ima Telfair Chancel Bell Director (904-261-4487)
Mr. Henry Mack Musician Early Service (765-3426)
Mr. Henry Mack Special Music Director (765-3426)
Mrs. Doris Swinton Church School Supt. (264-1597)
Ms. Caressa Bookhart Deacon Board Moderator (744-9503)
Mr. Ben Hawkins Trustee Board Moderator (579-4880)
Mrs. Marilynn Pray Mod/Presbyterian Women (305-8859)
Mr. Nathan Nesbit, Jr. Mod/Presbyterian Men (766-4675)




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